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Acts of Peace and Kindness

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Peace should reign in every people in the world to attain a beautiful and peaceful life. If it is added by kindness, how good we are now in the world? This world may be a great and wonderful to live. I have acts of peace and kindness that I could do as a gift for everyone.

3R Method

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Save The Mother Earth

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I have been given a question for our examination in our school. It is "What are the things ou do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?"

Discipline, it is most important thing/ attitude that a man/woman should possess. by the use of it, there are many good things that will happen in the world

Hello two thousand ten (2010). This 2010 I have some goals or accomplishments that I want to attain/reach this year in my life. I shall not commit many sins in my life, I should pray more to God everyday for what he had given to me and my family. I want to harden my studies in the school and to graduate in the secondary level with award that I and my family will be proud of. I am wondering of what is the feeling that I am holding my diploma and had given the award "Graduate". I shall be an open-minded this year because of the sayings that I heard and I also believed; "We have two ears and one mouth, We can do twice listening that speaking"

(This post is part of our examination in the Specialization; the Computer Technology in our school.)

We people in the world has our own inspirations and treasure that we've used to live the life to the fullest here in the world. We've used them to continue and face challenges in life. I, a mere boy, a good and not quite bad guy has my one inspirations that influenced my life the most.

Pyramus and Thisbe - Ending

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Thisbe, although terrified of the lioness, was stille move afraid to fail her lover. She ventured to go back to the tree of the tryst, the mulberry with shining white fruit. She could not find it. A tree was there but not one gleam of white was on the branches. As she stared at it, something moved on the ground beneath. She started back shuddering. But in a moment, peering though the shadows, she saw what was there. It was Pyramus, bathed in blood and dying,

My Love

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My Love
By: Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr.

The first time I saw you,
I don't know what to do,
I saw your pretty smile in the light,
I think I'm inlove at first sight.

Naruto Shippuden 151

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