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Acts of Peace and Kindness

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Peace should reign in every people in the world to attain a beautiful and peaceful life. If it is added by kindness, how good we are now in the world? This world may be a great and wonderful to live. I have acts of peace and kindness that I could do as a gift for everyone.

3R Method

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Save The Mother Earth

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I have been given a question for our examination in our school. It is "What are the things ou do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?"

Discipline, it is most important thing/ attitude that a man/woman should possess. by the use of it, there are many good things that will happen in the world

Hello two thousand ten (2010). This 2010 I have some goals or accomplishments that I want to attain/reach this year in my life. I shall not commit many sins in my life, I should pray more to God everyday for what he had given to me and my family. I want to harden my studies in the school and to graduate in the secondary level with award that I and my family will be proud of. I am wondering of what is the feeling that I am holding my diploma and had given the award "Graduate". I shall be an open-minded this year because of the sayings that I heard and I also believed; "We have two ears and one mouth, We can do twice listening that speaking"

(This post is part of our examination in the Specialization; the Computer Technology in our school.)

We people in the world has our own inspirations and treasure that we've used to live the life to the fullest here in the world. We've used them to continue and face challenges in life. I, a mere boy, a good and not quite bad guy has my one inspirations that influenced my life the most.

Pyramus and Thisbe - Ending

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Thisbe, although terrified of the lioness, was stille move afraid to fail her lover. She ventured to go back to the tree of the tryst, the mulberry with shining white fruit. She could not find it. A tree was there but not one gleam of white was on the branches. As she stared at it, something moved on the ground beneath. She started back shuddering. But in a moment, peering though the shadows, she saw what was there. It was Pyramus, bathed in blood and dying,

My Love

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My Love
By: Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr.

The first time I saw you,
I don't know what to do,
I saw your pretty smile in the light,
I think I'm inlove at first sight.


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By: Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr.

Life is full of challenges,
That you should pay some sacrifices,
It’s the greatest gift of God,
It’s up to you to do good or bad.

Pyramus and Thisbe Part II

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At least the sun sank into the sea and the night rose. In the darkness Thisbe creot out and made her way in all secrect to the tomb. Pyramus had not come; still she waited for hime, her love making her bold. but of a sudden she saw by the light of the moon a lioness. The fierce beast had made a kill; her jaws were bloody and she was comming to slake her thirst in the spring.

Metro Bank Challenge Part II

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Today we joined the Metro Bank Mathematics Challenge held at Mati Comprehensive High School at Mati City. We've got to ride a bus and it took 30-40 minutes to go there. The bus is an air-conditioned that made my much dizzy. I hate air-conditioned transfortation but that is the first bus that we've met at 7-30 am so we have no choice because we will be late. Along the road, I am very dizzy in the sense that there are 40 above curved road: Left and Right.

I think all of the appliances that will work by the use of electricity needed a transformer. Other appliances has their own transformer.  However, there are also other appliances needs a transformers like a 120 Volts appliances. Here in Philippines, our household voltage is 220 Volts, so appliances that are 120 Volts needed a transformer so that it will fit and suit to the 220 Volts household voltage. If you plug a 120 Volts appliance without a transformer in a 220 Volts source, the appliance will be damage because of over-voltage supplied in it. 120 Volts appliances must be plug in a 120 volts source, 220 Volts appliances must be plug in a 220 volts source.

In a step-up transformer, the number of loops in the secondary coil is greater than the primary coil, so that the induced voltage will increase. On the other hand, if the number of loops of the secondary coil is less that the primary coil, the induced voltage will be reduced. This kind of transformer is a step-down transformer.

Virginity for Money?

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After I read the article of "NZ student accepts $32,000 bid for virginity" from  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/world/view/20100203-251031/NZ-student-accepts-32000-bid-for-virginity , I was shocked of that breaking news. The news is "WELLINGTON, New Zealand— (UPDATE)A cash-strapped New Zealand student who auctioned off her virginity to help pay her university fees said Wednesday she had accepted an offer of 45,000 dollars (32,000 US) to sleep with a stranger". Why do students entered and auctioned off her virginity to help pay her educational fees? It just because of poverty, am I right? or just they want to experienced that while they can also have money.

Sex for money? or Sex and money? Unmarried people must not commit sex to others. Is it okay for them to have sex to other if they are not yet married? On the other hand, it is contradicting the Laws of our God. Now, we are in the world which we have leaders so it is the responsibility of the Government to get rid out of the bad doings. I think they must ban it. For those students who want to join it, think twice, trice or even ten times or just don't do it because you can easily get or earn money if you finished your studies and work but losing your virginity is also losing your own pride of yourself. If you lose you virginity, you can get it back. Therefore, do the best and the good things in your life. God has a better plan for you, it just takes time. 

Transformer has made long-distance transmission of electric power a practical reality, as AC voltage can be “stepped up” and current “stepped down” for reduced wire resistance power losses along power lines connecting generating stations with loads. At either end (both the generator and at the loads), voltage levels are reduced by transformers for safer operation and less expensive equipment.

step-up transformer - is a type of transformer that increases voltage from primary to secondary (more secondary winding turns than primary winding turns). They convert voltages to higher volumes while reducing amperage and effects of resistance. This makes Step-Up Transformers ideal in long-distance power transmission use; by stepping up voltage and reducing amperage little energy is lost to resistance

step-down transformer - is a type of transformer designed to do just the opposite (more primary winding turns than secondary winding turns). This transformer converts high-voltage, low-current power into low-voltage, high-current power

Induced Voltage - Michael Faraday

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The property of self-inductance is a particular form of electromagnetic induction. Self inductance is defined as the induction of a voltage in a current-carrying wire when the current in the wire itself is changing. In the case of self-inductance, the magnetic field created by a changing current in the circuit itself induces a voltage in the same circuit. Therefore, the voltage is self-induced.

The Scream

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The Scream
by Jazzmine Hernandez

The scream of silence,

to let all the pain, fear, grief, and sadness inside.

Scream at the top of your lungs,

to the point were it hurts.

Scream, to get some attention.

Pyramus and Thisbe Part I

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Once upon a time the deep red berries of mulberry trees were white as snow. The change in color came about strangely and sadly. The death of two young lovers was the cause.

Pyramus and Thisbe, he, the most beautiful youth and she, the loveliest maiden of all the East, lived in Babylon, the city of Queen Semiramis, is houses so close together that one wall was common to both. Growing up thus side by side they learned to love each other. They longed to marry, but heir parents forbade. Love, however, cannot be forbidden. The more that flame is covered up, the hotter it burns. Also, love can always find a way. It was impossible that theses two whose hearts were on fire should be kept apart.

Wrong and Right

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"You will always see what's wrong when you are right but you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong"


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When you love
Just be honest
"Its better to tell the truth to make someone cry, than to tell a lie to make someone smile"

Sweet Youth

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Sweet Youth
by James Acker

Not let me reminisce as I rhyme
To tell you of my dear past time
There was a young boy - his name was Youth
Which was partially evident by his missing tooth

Lenz's Law

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is an extension of the law of conservation of energy to the non-conservative forces in electromagnetic induction. It can be used to give the direction of the induced electromotive force (emf) and current resulting from electromagnetic induction.


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This is one of my favorite poems that I read.
By: Avenir Gonzalez

Tonight I'll watch the moon
While loudly the crickets croon
I hope the clouds won't hide
It's face a glow with pride.

How to make a simple motor

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Electromagnetism Induction

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Electromagnetic induction is the production of voltage across a conductor situated in a changing magnetic field or a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field.
Materials used in their experiment are electromagnet, magnet and galvanometer.

Oersted's Experiment/Discovery

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I concluded that the experiment of Oersted that an electric current causes a magnetic field around it. In addition, it can attract iron fillings or the magnetic compass in the video. When you put a current carrying wire beside a magnetic compass just like the video showed, it can affect the position of the compass needle. If the current in the wire is from north to south, the compass needle will attract to it and points to south-east direction and if the current in the wire is from south to north, if compass will repel and pointing in north-west direction. When you get rid of the current in the wire, the compass needle seeks/points to magnetic north.

Discovery of Faraday and Henry

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Michael Faraday studied the magnetic field around a conductor carrying a DC electric current, and established the basis for the electromagnetic field concept in physics. He discovered electromagnetic induction. His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became viable for use in technology.

While Joseph Henry discovered the electromagnetic phenomenon of self-inductance. He also discovered mutual inductance independently of Michael Faraday, though Faraday was the first to publish his results.

Dear Students,
This is our lesson for today! January 26, 2010
January 26, 2010
Inducing Voltage
I.At the end of the class, the students are expected to:
a.Describe different ways of inducing voltage and explain how it occurs
b.Explain why voltage is induced in each
c.Use internet to integrate ICT lesson on blogging
II.Subject Matter
Topic: Electromagnetic induction
Reference:Prototype Lesson Plan in Physics
Pages:340 to 345
Materials: Computer with internet

Hans Christian Oersted

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Hans Christian Ørsted - was a Danish physicist and chemist who is most widely known for observing that electric currents induce magnetic fields, an important aspect of electromagnetism. He shaped post-Kantian philosophy and advances in science throughout the late 19th century.

How to become a True Friend

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This is based on what I observed on my friends. In having a true friend is like an important and great treasure to you. For me, you should be aware in choosing your friend because it can cause excessive pain and sadness if your wrong in choosing. A true friendship cannot be build in just a bit of a drum or a one tik of the clock. In addition, it will not end in a short period of time but it is for life time. It is like planting a seed, you must water in and care it so that it will grown higher and stronger.

Be a Positive Thinker

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We people are born and grown with the care and love of our loved ones. In spite of their care and love to us, we can't avoid to have diseases. I think that is just normal to our life. Last day, I read a certain article in a magazine in our school. That magazine is owned by my classmate and I just borrowed it from her. based on what I read, Positive thinking has a great impact and role in our health.

My Collage

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This is my mere collage which represents who am I in my life. I am alone but friendship took me away from loneliness and now, I valued much the friendship that exist between me and my friends.!

Checking of Test Papers

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Today we've checked some of our test papers such as Mathematics, Science, Filipino and English test papers. I've got a quite good score in these subjects. First in mathematics, I've got 79 out of 80 items and I was very confused because the question that I am mistaken is just an easy one. Owh Gosh! I think I am just a normal person. "Nobody's Perfect". Next is the Science, I've got a not quite bad score but I think I passed it. Third is the Filipino subject. Questions are just easy if I studied a lot of it but other question are complicated. I passed the Filipino test because I got a passing score.^_^. Lastly is the English. Our test papers are not yet finished checking. In addition, my teacher will be the one to continue checking our test papers because It is out of time.

What is Identity?
Identity - is a kind of noun.
  1. The sameness of individuals share to make up the same kind or universal.
  2. The difference or character that marks off an individuals from the rest of the same kind.
  3. A name or persona - the mask or appearance one presents to the world -by which one is known.
  4. Knowledge of who one is. 

Dance Edition

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Do you have a talent in dancing or you like dancing. Watch this video so that you can learn tips about dancing. Warning "Dancing is dangerous to you Health". It can break your bones..^_^ Watch this.

Video from Youtube:

Awh! It Hurts.

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This video can let you feel the hurt even you are watching..!

Video from Youtube:

End Of Third Grading Period

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Eight hours earlier, I took our Third Periodical Examination. The test is complicated but I answered a lot of it because I prepared and studied my lessons. Our proctor is Mrs. Elfleda Dionio(our Adviser). We took three (3) subjects in the morning which are Mathematics, English and Filipino. Mathematics is not quite difficult for me because I like Mathematics. I answered also a lot in English because our teacher gave us pointers about the test. In Filipino, There has 3 or 2 questions that I answered and I'm not sure of it. The next 3 subjects is during the afternoon class. The class was dismissed for lunch. The 3 subjects in the afternoon are Science, Entrepreneurship and Mapeh. There are also complicated questions given in Science. Thanks a lot that the test is finished. We cleaned our classroom and we went home at 3pm.

My Essay About The Islam

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When I search It on the Web, I learned something about Islam such as Their Five Pillars of Faith
  1. The recital Shadahah the there is only one God
  2. Mohammed is his prophet
  3. Praying 5 times a day
  4. Giving of alms to the poor
  5. Pilgrimage in Mecca
I think this Five Pillars of Faith is like the Ten Commandments in Catholic. I learned that Ramadan is their fasting month where they refrain from eating, smoking, drinking or even refrain from making sins from dawn until sunset. As what I learned that this the time that they are asking for forgiveness of their sins. For me, Muslims are very religious. Muslims believe in their God (Allah). I learned also that Muslims pray 5 times a day and the calendar of Islamic is depending on the Moon. My Classmate said that the Qur'an of the Muslims are the continuation of the Holy Bible of the Catholic. I think that there are connections of all the Religion in the world.

The Five Pillar of Faith of Islam:
  1. The recital Shadahah the there is only one God
  2. Mohammed is his prophet
  3. Praying 5 times a day
  4. Giving of alms to the poor
  5. Hajj - Pilgrimage in Mecca
Islam's Major Religious Events:
  1. Ramadan - Month of Fasting
  2. Laylat al-Quadr - Towards the end of Ramadan, Muslims observe the "Night of Power," which is when the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to Muhammad.
  3. Eid al Fitr - At the end of Ramadan "The Festival of Fast-Breaking."
  4. Hajj - Pilgrimage in Mecca
  5. Day of Arafat - During one day of the Hajj, pilgrims gather at the Plain of Arafat to seek God's mercy, and Muslims elsewhere fast for the day.
  6. Eid al Adha - At the end of the annual pilgrimage, Muslims celebrate "The Festival of Sacrifice."

The Ramadan and Hajj

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This are the key components of Islam

  1. Ramadan - the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This is the Islamic month of fasting, which Muslims are refrain from eating, smoking, drinking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured from dawn until sunset. The month of Ramadan is within 28-30 days. Fasting is meant to teach Muslims patience, modesty and spirituality. Ramadan is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God (Arabic) and to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. Ramadan is depending on the moon. Ramadan was the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were said to be revealed to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.
  2. Hajj - is a pilgrimage in Mecca. This is the fifth pillar of Islam, a religious duty that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so. The Hajj is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God (Allah in the Arabic language). The pilgrimage occurs from the 7th to 13th day of Dhu-al-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar. Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. Ihram is the name given to the special state in which Muslims live whilst on the pilgrimage.

My Teachers

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We can't escape the reality that we can have teachers in the school. We go to school to learn from our teachers. Other students didn't mind there teachers but for me, teachers are my hero. That's the best and suitable term that a teachers are meant to be called.
A teacher is a hero. Yeah it's true because teachers are willing to share apart of their knowledge to us students. Their time for their own family are also spend to us. Teachers is my second parents. They molds us to be a good, stronger and wise person. I'll treasured them and their teachings in my heart even they didn't know that I am very thankful, lucky and proud that they are my teachers.

Our English Presentation

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In our English class, our objective is to present a presentation about the specialization in our school we belong or it's up to us if what specialization we will present. At last, O am the next to present and my nervous is gone because I am ready to present. My presentation is under the computer technology specialization in our school. Let me include my mere script.

It's just a Bad Dream

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One day, I am at our classroom in Elementary School. I wen back to grade three. We have a classmate that has a mental illness. He became angry to us and I don't know what's the reason why he is angry. he pointed a gun in one of my classmate and he shot him on the head.
Ow Gosh! He killed our classmate. The crying of my classmates became louder and louder while I am unaware of what is happening in front of me. I am shocked of what my classsmate did. Then again, he killed another and until one-by-one. He killed all of my classmates and I am the last one left. He pointed a gun on my head then he pulled the trigger. Woo, I am very lucky because he is our of ammo. He tried to reload but I ran very fast outside and he shot me 3 times but he missed.
I don't have the feeling of being tired at that time. I think it is the only power that we possess; the adrenaline rush. I went to our house but I am shocked again because of what I saw. My killer classmate is in front of our house and he is smiling at me. His smile made me afraid and nervous because his face became a smiling devil. I ran away and I am searching some place to hide but his everywhere until I am cornered but it made me realize that it is just a dream.
I tried to wake up and at last, I succeed. When I wake up, I feel that I am out of the world, my mind is not present and it keeps recalling the happenings in my dream.
Minutes passed, my mind is back and I feel Okay. I said to myself that its just a dream even bad, I must interpret it as positive and meaningful.

I got a fever yesterday, that's why I don't have any change to update my blog yesterday. Yesterday when I wake up early in the morning, I was very dizzy. I hold on the wall so that I will not fall. My sweat is flowing fast from the pores of my skin. I called my Grandmother and asked some help. She helped me and she prepare some breakfast. She told me that I should eat much food and take some medicine for my fever after eating. While I am eating, my Grandmother brought a Tawa-tawa grass. I asked her "What will you do with that tawa-tawa grass grandma?", "This is for your fever, in case of emergency that if it is a dengue fever, we can prevent it early" she replied. After eating, I took some medicine and I drunk the herbal medicine that made by my Grandmother. I am a curious kind of person, I asked her what's the steps on how to make that kind of herbal medicine.

  1. Get some 5 or 7 tawa-tawa grass/plant
  2. Cut off the roots, throw it away
  3. Wash and Clean it very well
  4. Fill your boiling pot with clean water
  5. Boil the tawa-tawa grass
  6. Wait until the water becomes green
  7. Pour into a glass and let is becomes cool enough
  8. Drink one glass a day
Now I am Okay. My fever is gone. I can now update my blog.

Green Tea; "Anti-cancer"

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Cancer /ˈkænsə(r)/ ( listen) (medical term: malignant neoplasm) is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited, and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor but some, like leukemia, do not. The Cure for these sickness is step-by-step discovered. People are afraid to have this kind of sickness because it can lead to death.

I was watching TV in the morning. The TV program is a news program. One of the news is the green tea which can prevent cancer sickness. They said that green tea has an anti-cancer particles/components which can prevent cancer. "Drink one glass of green tea a day to prevent cancer" they said. For me, "Prevention is better that cure", you must have a healthy lifestyle to avoid sickness. Eat balanced diet, eat vegetables and have a proper exercise everyday to become a physically fit (healthy mind and body) person.

One day in our province, I was walking beside the street. I just bought a two pieces of ball pen which cost 6 pesos each. At that time, I am going back home from the store when I was slipped and got a wound on my knee. The street is very slippery because of the rain. My grandmother was shocked when she saw my wound and she said "Jun, why do you have that wound on your knee? Are you okay?". Whoa, wait, keep calm, its just a small wound" I replied. She told me that I should get some fresh guava leaves outside for a cure for my wound. She told me the steps on what to do.
  1. Get some fresh guava leaves
  2. Wash and Clean the guava leaves
  3. Boil it with water until the water become color "dark green"
  4. After boiling, pour the boiled water into a glass, wait until it is not quite hot.
  5. The pour the water into your wounds, apply it 2-3 times a day until you wound is cured.
I followed these steps. She told my that the boiled water can also be a cure for diarrhea. You just simply drink it. Drink one-two glasses a day until your diarrhea is gone.

Superstitious Beliefs

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Yesterday night, I and my younger brother was talking about the Naruto Shippuden episode 141 and 142. We are a great fans of this anime. I am sharing to him what I saw when I am watching this Naruto Shippuden Episodes while I am cutting my nails on my feet. My Grandmother interupted us and she said "Jun, stop cutting your nails during night time because it is bad". I stopped cutting my nails for just paying respect to my Grandmother's superstitious belief. My Grandmother shared to us many superstitious beliefs that she believed such as "Not telling riddles during night time because the bad spirit around you will said "I will predict, I will predict, You will die tomorrow", Stop combing your hair and stop sweeping during night time because it is a bad luck and there is many more she wants to tell to us but its almost 8:30 pm; our sleeping time. Thanks to my grandmother. I learned some superstitious beliefs from her and I applied it in my daily life.

America's Funniest Bloopers

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When I watch this video. It made me think that I should be careful of what I am doing

Video From Youtube:

Easter Bloopers

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Think first before you do something

Video from Youtube:

Dangerous Slides

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We people loved to do water slide or any kind of slides. Watch this video so that you will be aware of what you are doing..Hehe

Video from Youtube:

My Thought

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Shocking news is on the television. Many buildings collapsed and there are many people are harmed or even died because of that strong earthquake but did you ever think that in this year, there are spontaneous earthquakes happened. What do this earthquake means?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"An earthquake (also known as a tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes are recorded with a seismometer, also known as a seismograph. The moment magnitude (or the related and mostly obsolete Richter magnitude) of an earthquake is conventionally reported, with magnitude 3 or lower earthquakes being mostly imperceptible and magnitude 7 causing serious damage over large areas. Intensity of shaking is measured on the modified Mercalli scale.

At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking and sometimes displacing the ground. When a large earthquake epicenter is located offshore, the seabed sometimes suffers sufficient displacement to cause a tsunami. The shaking in earthquakes can also trigger landslides and occasionally volcanic activity."

Is it a sign that the end of the world is near? I am always hoping and praying to God that my thought is wrong. Let's pray for forgiveness of our sins to our God and we must avoid doing wrong. Let's change the world and resurrect it back to its beautiful and normal condition.

My Family

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I am thankful to God that He had given me much blessing in my life. For me, the biggest blessing that God given to me is my family. My father is Edgar Eufemio Regidor Sr. I am his junior son. Even though my mother is away from us, my father takes up the role of my mother in my family. He became our light and foundation of your family. He is the best dad in the world!\
I am lucky also because I have my loving and caring Grandmother. She is Pascuala Regidor. She is the mother of my dad. She always care for us.
I have also my younger brother. He is John Zethrey Regidor. His is a talented guy. I love them very much even they don't know because I am a guy that has a personality of not sharing my feelings to others. I don't know if why I have that personality. But I always thanks God for that blessings.

Weekend Plans

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It is now already the end of the week or what we called the weekend. We have no class in the school during Saturday and Sunday and it was extended up to Monday because the teachers in our school will conduct a meeting that day. Thank God, our rest day is extended. I have many things to do this weekend such as memorizing my script for my presentation this Tuesday in our English class, Studying my lessons specially in Mathematics because my teacher will conduct a long test this Tuesday in our mathematics class, I will update my blog and post something on it, I will also help me family in household works and I will search and watch videos on youtube about a simple motor so that I will have a knowledge of what type of simple motor will I make this coming Tuesday in our Science class. Also this 12 noon, I shall go to our school because we had an agreement with my group mates/classmates that we will finish our sign poster project in our Aral. Pan. class this day. I must go to our school first before I am going to make a post in my blog and searching videos on youtube. That's all my plan this weekend.

My Talent

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We people has our own talent and intelligence. There are best and intelligent in the fields of music, dances and arts. There are also best in the fields of medical, writing, strength and etc. There are people who are feeling expert in the field that they like and suited for there own talent. Anything that we want to reach is dependent in our own talent.
Like me, I have a talent in drawing but it is not quite good. I just like to draw cartoon characters. I was blessed and given also by God a good memory and the talent in mathematics. I can easily understand it. I am trying to improve it by reading mathematics books because there are many things that I want to learn about mathematics.
I want to be an engineer someday, so that my knowledge specially in mathematics will be useful. That is my talent.

Earthquake during our Science class

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In our science class, my teacher/adviser is again scolding us and telling us the right way to be a good, responsible and wise person. She is scolding is early in the morning because our room is not yet cleaned. Many of my classmates are doing foolishness like not using properly our CR (Comfort Room) and not caring of it and not maintaining the cleanliness of our classroom. Few of my classmates are responsible enough to be called as a good student. If this good virus will spread to us, I think we will not be scolded by our teacher/adviser. I understand it. She always care for us, I knew it. During that my teacher is talking and scolding in front of us, an earthquake interrupt her.
There is a seconds silenced happened. I think that my classmates are wishing and hoping that the earthquake will stop including me. The earthquake is not quite strong but you can see the shaking of the land. After the earthquake, It made me think that why is it that there are a spontaneous earthquakes happened this year?
I just praying to God that my thought is wrong that the end of the world is near. I wish and hope that I can accomplish my mission here in the world. That's my school experience this day.

Metro Bank Challenge

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Today is the Metro bank Math Challenge held in our school. I am one of the contestants from our school. In every year level, there will be a representatives to compete with the other representatives from the other school. I studied a lot so that we will belong to the top that will proceed to the second level of the competition. The competition in our school is just a elimination round.
I answered many in the answer sheet but I am not sure of my other answer because the question are very complicated and I did not know it yet. But its okay because we finish the competition and we are waiting for the results. I hope that we belong to the top to proceed. Hehe! Hoping is not bad.

How to Add Shout Box in a Blog

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Because of my curiosity, I figured it out how to add a shoutbox in my blog. For those who did not know yet, I'll teach you. Just follow these steps.
  1. Go to the URL http://www.shoutmix.com/main/.
  2. Click the "Create Shoutbox". Then a registration for will appear. Fill up the fields correctly.
  3. If you already registered. A new web page will appear, then click the "Gets Codes" at the Quick Start.

  4. Then the "generated codes" will appear. Just select it all then Copy or Ctl+C. You can also adjust the size of your shoutbox. Hint: If you want to adjust the size. Adjust first the size then copy the code.

  5. Then go to the "Customize" then at the Layout where you can add a gadgets into your blog.

  6. Click "Add a Gadget" then choose the HTML/JavaScript at the basics.

  7. Then Its up to you if what you want to be the title of your shoutbox then paste the code at the content then save.

I hope that my post helped you. Now.... Shout!!!!

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

This Unlimited Farm Cheat / Hack enables you to plough more farm for you to plant more seeds.

1) Equip yourself with a Hoe
2) Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose as process: FireFox.exe or Iexplorer
3) Tick HEX, Choose 8 bytes, (Also Scan Read Only Memory)
4) Scan 75FFE85DDD0CC483 for Flash 9 and you should get 1 result
5) Disassemble Memory Region
6) Look for the Opcode: jmp xxxxxxxxx on the first few line of Memory Viewer
7) Right click, Change Register Location
8) Tick on EAX and type value 200 and click OK


Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

This Experience Level Cheat is to enable you to level up faster, skipping all the earlier quests and unlocked new quests and seeds.

1) Do an action such as watering or ploughing to increase your experience to +1
2) Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose as process: FireFox.exe or Iexplorer
3) Tick HEX, Choose 8 bytes, (Also Scan Read Only Memory)
4) Scan FC2444C7C1580FF2 for Flash 9
5) 4 Results / Addresses will be shown after scanning
6) Look for the last address which end with 4, right click, dis this memory region
7) Search for addsd xmm0, xmm1, right click, Change Register Location

Country Story - Experience Level Cheat
8) Tick on EBX and type value 7D0 and click OK
9) Do an action such as watering or ploughing again to increase your experience points
10) You will see an increase of Experience by +2000

Note: This Experience level cheat / hack would not work in Flash 10. Do not use this cheat continuously more than 2 times in a row. This will cause your browser to crash. Re-do step 1 again if you wish to level up.

Tomorrow is another day

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Today is the day that I and my classmates will have a presentation regarding there specializations to promote it in our English class. The venue is in our ICT Learning Center in our school. Our English teacher is one of the audience and the one who will be the judge. She called one by one, each one has a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes to present. Many of my classmates are memorizing their scripts, nervous and tensed, others are laughing. I am quite nervous that time but all of my nervous was gone when my teacher dismissed the class because it is already a dismissal time in our school (11:30 am).
We will continue our presentation tomorrow, I and my other classmates are lucky and had given more time to memorized and practice. "Practice makes perfect, but then again nobody's perfect, so why practice". I heard that comedy saying from a comedy film. I am ready to present tomorrow because I already memorized my script.

Mathematics Class

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In our mathematics class, we spend all of our time in answering and checking our quiz yesterday. Our quiz is all about the Trigonometric Identities.
My mathematics teacher assigned four of my classmates to answer the given equation on the blackboard, each of them has on given equation to prove if it is an identity. I am just watching them and I listened to their explanations about their work on the board. My last classmate who explained his work but it is wrong. My teacher assigned me to help him. I wrote my answer on the board and then I explained it. After it my teacher add some explanations on my work. I like my teacher very much because she cares and wants her students to learn even she will pay lots of time. After all, she recorded our scores. I and some of my classmates got a perfect score then she dismissed the class. We said "Good bye and thank you ma'am"

Our "Saving Mother Earth" Lesson

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Our next class/subject this day is the Aral. Pan. (Araling Panlipunan). Our teacher discussed to us how to maintain cleanliness in our school. She told us that the SSG (Supreme Student Government) and the Yes-O members and even us that we should maintain the cleanliness in our school.
One of the most thing that she told us is that we should watch and be alert to the students in the school who are throwing their garbage anywhere not in the proper place. She assign a project to us, the sign posters where these posters will be put every places inside the school. My classmates suggested some sayings that they will put in their sign posters such as: "Throwing garbage is a crime", "Treat your garbage as our gf/bf, don't throw it away" and there is many more. This sign posters will help and warning those students in our school who are throwing their garbage anywhere and so that they will be aware of what their doing. The group decided to choose their own sayings for their sing poster. Until such time that the bell ringed and my teacher dismissed the class.

I'm Bored

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Science is our first class in the morning. I am very exited because we will make a simple motor today but it did not happen. My science teacher/adviser told us that " we will start to make simple motor tomorrow, I have an important thing to do". My teacher and my classmates under the electricity specialization installed the UTTP wire for the internet connection of the computer in our classroom. At that time, I am bored watching my classmates installing the UTTP wire. Their installation spent the whole time of the science class but it is Okay for me because the thing that my teacher worked is for our sake, She want us to learn fast by the use of the internet. Thanks to my teacher, she always care for us.

A School Guard Lesson

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I'd like to share my experience today at the school. I went to school at 6:42 am with a big smile on my face. Today is a non-uniform day or simply the freestyle day. Many of my classmates are wearing their own style of outfits. When i went inside the my classroom, I saw many of my classmates who are talking to each other. This is the daily routines the me and my classmates used to do like making some noise, playing and listening musics, talking with their bf/gf and talking about something. The bell rings, "Okay lets go to the flag pole area for the flag ceremony" my classmate said. He is our classroom president. That time I made a big mistake because I and three of my classmates went outside the campus during the flag ceremony and that time, I was very shy and got angry at myself because we were scolded in front of many students by the school guard. he did not permitted us to go out. Thanks for the scold of the school guard, I learned something. His scold is Okay for me because I believe that "Having Pain is the way of growing up". That is what I'm thinking at that time. I was very happy that I learned something even from a school guard.

I am a mere student of a school in our town and I'm at the fourth year level. They said that "life of a student is difficult" but for me, it is not quite difficult, a life of a student is challenging and suspense because I learned many things from school which will help me in solving problems and there is many more things that I want to know but what is it? I don't know yet but I will learn it later. In the school, teachers teaches not only the lessons that is found in a book but also teachers teaches us how to build self-confidence, good manners, proper attitude and most of all ten inspire us by their stories that will penetrate to our mere heart which will make us a good, stronger and wise person that will go on to face challenges in life. For me teachers are the best and teachers are said to be "The Builder of the Professionals".

The Car

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Video from Youtube:

Its her birthday and her husband has a birthday gift. Watch This

Country Story - Trophy Cheat

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Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

This Trophy Cheat Cheat enables to to complete your trophy collections sooner with just 3 clicks.

1) Do an action such as watering or ploughing to increase your experience to +1
2) Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose as process: FireFox.exe or Iexplorer
3) Tick HEX, Choose 8 bytes, (Also Scan Read Only Memory)
4) Scan F685DC758B104389 for Flash 9
5) Disassemble the memory address
5) Look for this instruction : mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
6) Select it and go to Tools > Auto assemble
7) Template > Code injection > OK
8) Add this code in the middle

mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov [ecx+10],186a0
mov edx,[ecx+10]

9) Do the appropriate action to get the required trophy

10) With just 3 clicks you be able to level up all your trophies to Level 3

Country Story - Watering Cheat

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Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

This Water Hack enables you to water your crops with unlimited supply of water. You do not have to refill it again.

1) Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose as process: FireFox.exe or Iexplorer
2) Tick HEX, Choose 8 bytes, (Also Scan Read Only Memory)
3) Scan 108B08458B3C4289 for Flash 9 and Flash 10
4) Right Click address, disassemble
5) Look for mov [edx+3c],eax
6) Double click on the code, Change it from [edx+3c],eax to “mov [edx+3c],ecx”

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash player 10

1) Go into Country Story
2) Select browser in Cheat Engine (hex, 8bytes, ASROM)
3) Plant/harvest something to use up stamina
4) Scan "558B000000F4888B" 2 address returned.
5) Right click the top address and disassemble it
6) 2 lines down you'll see the line "sub ecx,edx". Change it to "sub edx,edx"
Now anything you do will not deduct stamina.
7) Go to your friend's farm and STEAL a crop. The stealing must be successful to find the value.
8) NEW Scan "C82B000000D48A8B" 1 address returned.
9) Right click disassemble and change the line "sub ecx,eax" to "sub eax,eax"
10) You can now steal continuously.

A good breakfast

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One of the meals that we eat everyday that needs the most careful planning is the breakfast. Since it should be the heaviest meal of the day, the housewife should make sure that it contains all of the necessary nutrients. One mistake that is very commonly committed nowadays is the skipping of the breakfast or the eating of too light breakfast. Too many people eat nothing but one or two pieces of bread with one cup of coffee for breakfast because they are in the rush. Then when they feel run-down at about ten o'clock, then wonder why.

There are two things that should be done so that an adequate breakfast can be had.
  1. Wake up early
  2. Plan simple, easy-to-prepare but balanced menus
Breakfast should include a protein food such as egg or mild, cereal or bread, or both, and beverage. If a good source of vitamin C is included, the day's allowance is assured. Variety can be added in many ways. Cereals can be hot or cold and so can the bread. Bread may vary from plain white to griddle cakes to pandesal (Bread). For beverage you could have milk, cocoa, rice coffee or postum, to your vitamin C source can be anything from orange juice to pomelo sections.

Source: Best Recipes In the Home

The Security Guard

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Video from Youtube:

This security must get some sleep. He is very job-minded, I think his on a non-sleep duty. Watch this

Kung Fu Child

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Video from Youtube:

Do you want to learn "Kung Fu"? Watch This Video and Enjoy!

Freestyle Online Ph Cheat

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Here are the steps on how to 3 points and steal cheat on Freestyle Street Basketball:

  1. Open Cheat Engine 5.5
  2. Open Freestyle Street Basketball Launcher
  3. Click start on the Freestyle Launcher, Wait until it is Installed and the Launcher disapper
  4. Then do this step as fast as you can: On the Cheat Engine, click the process menu bar or at the upper of the Cheat Engine then choose the Freestyle.exe then click or check the box at the middle right of the Cheat Engine then Ok and then close the Cheat Engine when the Freestyle Game appears at the task bar.
  5. Happy Gaming!

The Mad Dog

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Courtesy: Youtube
This video is very funny. I think this dog is quite crazy? and I think he had a crush on the bone. He is extremely mad at himself.

Don't Lose Hope

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I am a guy that is very dependent to electricity. Day by day is I used to watch television and specially I used to play online games on the computer and I also surf and update my own blog. Let me share my experience to you.

One day, I wake up early in the morning, I was very disappointed because that day there is no electricity power. I could not play online games or even watch my favorite tv programs.
My Grandmother called me and said "Jun, have some breakfast" and I replied "Okay Grandma". I ate fast and got ready to bathe. I hope that after my bathe or after a minute or after an hour, the electricity power will come back but many hours passed, nothings happened. My grandmother told me that I should hang up with my friends but I told her "No, Grandma. I'm watching my favorite television programs today! Remember? My favorite Tv show is on" and she replied "Come on Jun, the electricity isn't back yet. There is still a brownout". "Sorry Grandma, but I dont like" I replied. After eating I washed the dishes and glass that I used because my Grandmother told me that "Cleanliness must always be observed to avoid getting sick". I ran uptairs and went to the bed and enjoy reading some books. I don't know that I fall asleep. Many hours passed. When I woke up, electricity is back but It is already 4:00 pm, I missed my favorite tv show but Its okay because I can now play online games . I went to the Internet Cafe at that time, I was very happy and I said "At last, I can now play, Yahooo!!!"
That time I realize that I should not lose hope, thanks for the electricity I realized it.

We people are active individuals. Day in and Day out, our lives are full of many activities. We do some activities even while sleeping, we make actions through what we call "dreams". This is true because dreaming is also a activity, a mental activity. It is both mental and biological in nature. The things happened to us in a day to us in a day were saved or existing in our mind and when we sleep, those memories are reactivated by dreams.
Did you know that there are two states of sleep? Many distinguished psychologists discovered the biology of dreaming in the '50s.

The first one is called NREM-sleep (Nonrapid eye movement sleep) or the S-sleep (Synchronize-sleep). When we are under this state, there are no dreaming episodes. It is associated with love pulse and blood pressure and normal regulated activity of the nervous system.
The second one is the D-sleep (Dreaming or desynchronized sleep) or REM-sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). This state is characterized by and activation of the automatic nervous system, rapid eye movement, and lots of dreams. It proves that sleep is an active process.

You or even me are afraid when we dream because sometimes it is a bad dreams but they said that nothing to worry about becuase it is just an ordinary activity of the brain.
Did you know that some writers and researchers get their inspirations in writing their masterpiece through their dreams? Yeah It is true. Cartoon characters are also taken from dreams of the cartoonists.

For me dreaming is a mysterious act and an outlet of pent-up emotions. It interpreted my dreams as something meaningful and positive.
What is your interpretations of your dreams, share it to me.

Reference: "Dreams for All" by Debbie Ann Tan

How to have a good day?

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Having a good day make us happy. Well, this is based on my experience and let me share it to you:

When you wake up in the morning, start your day with a smile. Keep on smiling to the people you will meet that day and don't forget to prat to God for the another day He added to your life. Clean your bedroom after you pray, don't let somebody clean it for you because the appearance of your bedroom reflects to you, you used it then clean it. When you meet your parents at first that day, kiss them and tell them how much you love them so much and don't miss a day that you never kiss them or telling them "I love you". Have at least 15 minutes of exercise a day, eat nutritious food and have a balnce diet and specially have a proper hygiene everyday. Afterwards do the things that you want to do and that will comfort you abd don't waste your time because "time is gold, spend it wisely. When you meet people, keep on smiling at them . At the end of the day, don't forget to tell your parents/family how much you love them and pray to God... At the end.. have some sleep..Sweetdreams!

That is based on my experience, can you shared yours?

My new blog

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I have made my new blog today! I am now a member of the bloggers in the world. Horay!

Naruto Shippuden 151

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