Posted by Junex On 5:44 AM
By: Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr.

Life is full of challenges,
That you should pay some sacrifices,
It’s the greatest gift of God,
It’s up to you to do good or bad.
I was born yesterday,
And lived my life today,
I love what I have,
Like a wonderful white dove.

I don’t mind when will I fall,
Having this feeling of being tall,
I’ve done many things,
As if I have my own wings.

Now I’m in the lower part of the wheel,
I think this wheel has a seal,
I spend lot of time in the lower,
Than what I spent in the upper.

Life is running fast,
On the way, there are many dusts,
Even there is thorn,
You should thank God that you were born.

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