Save The Mother Earth

Posted by Junex On 10:41 PM
I have been given a question for our examination in our school. It is "What are the things ou do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?"

Discipline, it is most important thing/ attitude that a man/woman should possess. by the use of it, there are many good things that will happen in the world
and this disciplines it the on that I should use to keep myself, other or our planet healthy because this discipline is the one that I learned after I joined the CAT unit in our school that disciplines should reign in each one of us. If I will apply it, I think I can do such thing that is good such as not throwing waste everywhere, stop burning plastic garbage, throw my waste in proper and segregated way, I should recycle those garbage that would be useful. By the use of this discipline, I can show my care to the world. If those people that will know about the things I've done, they will imitate that things that I've done and discipline will be applied in their own life.

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