We people in the world has our own inspirations and treasure that we've used to live the life to the fullest here in the world. We've used them to continue and face challenges in life. I, a mere boy, a good and not quite bad guy has my one inspirations that influenced my life the most.
  • First is my family which I debt my life to them, their the first people whom had molded me and made me a man, a good man.
  • Second are the people whom I loved. Their the people influenced me to be strong in the challenges in life. Without those people, my life is useless.
  • Third is the teachers in school and in all aspects in life. By the use of their own knowledge, inspirational messages and the good things they shared/teach to us or even those scolds that made us much strong, wise and good man. They lightened my mind about all things in the world.
  • Most especially and lastly, God. For all the things He had given to me; the challenges, blessings, guidance, protection and His love that made me what I am at present.
(This post is part of our examination in our Specialization; the Computer Technology in our school.)

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