My Love

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My Love
By: Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr.

The first time I saw you,
I don't know what to do,
I saw your pretty smile in the light,
I think I'm inlove at first sight.
This heart, colored red,
Did you heard what it said?
I'm amazed of what you are,
You're like a beautiful, sparkling star.

The second time I looked at you,
Inloved at second time too,
Beautiful smile you possess,
My love increased no less.

You made me think of you,
I must search for some clue,
If you have a small feeling,
My hear is always waiting.

I want to dance with you forever,
This love of mine is clever,
When I hold your hand my world had stopped,
Stopped as fast as one clap.

I want to hug you very tight,
Even I will be blind and out of sight,
You made my life complete,
You made me out of my seat.

Sweetest lips of yours,
My sight penitrated at many doors,
To seek for those reddish lips,
Those lips I want to kiss.

Your the sweetest drug to me,
Your the one my eyes want to see,
I feel that I am crazy,
Crazy inloved with you baby.

This intense love to you is sure,
many things I have to endure,
I will fight my love too,
And to say my "I love you".

Even I will die beside you,
if you will say you love me too,
Love me and I will be happy,
Happiest man in the world would be.

When you accepted my love,
I feel I'm flying like a dove,
Mirth roll down my face,
If you see, you can trace.

I will keep you heart inside,
Even if the world is wide,
I can find where you are,
Even you're riding on a car.

I promise this to you,
That my love is very true,
You will be my only woman,
That I loved the most here in the land.


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