Acts of Peace and Kindness

Posted by Junex On 10:51 PM
Peace should reign in every people in the world to attain a beautiful and peaceful life. If it is added by kindness, how good we are now in the world? This world may be a great and wonderful to live. I have acts of peace and kindness that I could do as a gift for everyone.

The Act of being good to other which will lead to a peaceful life. If your are good to others, they will be good to you too. I must believed that "I should not do to others the things that I don't want that others to me". being polite, hospitable and good is the act of kindness I can give. those gift may be useful for them that they can realize and encourage to do good things to others. It it right to do good things in the world. On the other hand, bad should be avoided.

(This post is part of our examination in our Specialization; the Computer Technology in our school.)

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