Pyramus and Thisbe Part II

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At least the sun sank into the sea and the night rose. In the darkness Thisbe creot out and made her way in all secrect to the tomb. Pyramus had not come; still she waited for hime, her love making her bold. but of a sudden she saw by the light of the moon a lioness. The fierce beast had made a kill; her jaws were bloody and she was comming to slake her thirst in the spring.
She was still far away for Thisbe to escape, but as she fled she dropped her cloak. The lioness came upon it on her way back to her lair ans she mouthed it and tore if before disappearing into the woods. that is what Pyramus saw when he appeared a few minutes later. Before him lay the bloodstained shreds of the cloak and clear in the dust were the tracks of the lioness. The conclusion was inevitable. He never doubted that he knew all. Thisbe was dead. He had let his love, a tender maiden, come alone to a place full of danger, and not been there first to protect her.

"It is i who killed you," he said. He lifted up from the trampled dust what was left of the cloak and kissing it again and again carried it to the mulberry tree. "Now", he said. "you shall drink my blod too." He drew his sword and plunged it into his side. The blood spurted up over the berries and dyed them a dark red.

To be continued...

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