Lesson Guide for our Science-Physics

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Dear Students,
This is our lesson for today! January 26, 2010
January 26, 2010
Inducing Voltage
I.At the end of the class, the students are expected to:
a.Describe different ways of inducing voltage and explain how it occurs
b.Explain why voltage is induced in each
c.Use internet to integrate ICT lesson on blogging
II.Subject Matter
Topic: Electromagnetic induction
Reference:Prototype Lesson Plan in Physics
Pages:340 to 345
Materials: Computer with internet

III.Learning Activities:
Lesson Proper:
Pre-activity discussion:
Givethe students a little time to view the video about Faraday’s discovery
Activity proper: Move around. See to it that the students are paying attention to the video.
Post activity discussion
1.What did Faraday and Henry discover?
2.What materials did they use in their experiment?
3.What is electromagnetic induction?
Generalization: Emphasize that electromagnetic induction or inducing voltage can be achieved by changing the magnetic field around it.
Valuing: What quality of Faraday would you like to have?
Application:Cite some applications of electromagnetic induction
1.In the following list, choose all situations when voltage can be induced across a conductor
a.A conductor is moved across a magnetic field
b.A conductor is near a coil with changing current
c.A magnet is held near a conductor
d.A bar magnet is dropped though a circular conductor
2.In the actions you have \chosen no 1, what is the common factor that is changed in the conducting coil so that voltage is induced across it?
V.Assignment: Design a simple activity on electromagnetic induction using the following materials:
Coil of wire, bar magnet, current detector

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