How to become a True Friend

Posted by Junex On 3:06 AM
This is based on what I observed on my friends. In having a true friend is like an important and great treasure to you. For me, you should be aware in choosing your friend because it can cause excessive pain and sadness if your wrong in choosing. A true friendship cannot be build in just a bit of a drum or a one tik of the clock. In addition, it will not end in a short period of time but it is for life time. It is like planting a seed, you must water in and care it so that it will grown higher and stronger.

In friendship, there are some elements that should be possess by each other excluding in having true thinking and true feelings:
  • Each other should be an open-minded person, respect the opinions of the other. Secret hate must not reign in each other just because of having an opposite opinion.
  • Be honest to each other in all times specially in having problems like emotional, social, moral or intellectual.
  • Friendship should be durable and strong even if lacking in material aspects. It is not measured by receiving and giving material things in all times.
  • Understanding should reign in all times.
  • Each other should forgive and forget those mistakes that committed by the other.
  • The most important is the true love to each other.
I hope you will find a true friend!

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