Sweet Youth

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Sweet Youth
by James Acker

Not let me reminisce as I rhyme
To tell you of my dear past time
There was a young boy - his name was Youth
Which was partially evident by his missing toothWith his friends in the neighborhood street
Joyously he ran with his bare feet
He would always be content and light as a feather
As he always expected sweet warm weather
Although he had yet to grow and a bigger body to obtain
He was never worried unless the sky began to rain
How depressing the day would be
If in that baby blue sky no happy smiling sun he would see
With his pleasant boyish grin he found he could win
The heart of anyone no matter what predicament he was in
He had a pure sincere heart wrapped in gold
As he watched the mysterious life unfold
With his undying and unconditional love
He soared through the sky like a beautiful white dove
Shall I compare my Youth with diamond or most valuable gold?
Nor, for my boyhood is more precious that all this world can hold
How much better we'd live and how free we'd be
If we'd realize that Youth lives in you and - 
He always live in me

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