Virginity for Money?

Posted by Junex On 4:11 AM
After I read the article of "NZ student accepts $32,000 bid for virginity" from , I was shocked of that breaking news. The news is "WELLINGTON, New Zealand— (UPDATE)A cash-strapped New Zealand student who auctioned off her virginity to help pay her university fees said Wednesday she had accepted an offer of 45,000 dollars (32,000 US) to sleep with a stranger". Why do students entered and auctioned off her virginity to help pay her educational fees? It just because of poverty, am I right? or just they want to experienced that while they can also have money.

Sex for money? or Sex and money? Unmarried people must not commit sex to others. Is it okay for them to have sex to other if they are not yet married? On the other hand, it is contradicting the Laws of our God. Now, we are in the world which we have leaders so it is the responsibility of the Government to get rid out of the bad doings. I think they must ban it. For those students who want to join it, think twice, trice or even ten times or just don't do it because you can easily get or earn money if you finished your studies and work but losing your virginity is also losing your own pride of yourself. If you lose you virginity, you can get it back. Therefore, do the best and the good things in your life. God has a better plan for you, it just takes time. 

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