Be a Positive Thinker

Posted by Junex On 8:21 PM
We people are born and grown with the care and love of our loved ones. In spite of their care and love to us, we can't avoid to have diseases. I think that is just normal to our life. Last day, I read a certain article in a magazine in our school. That magazine is owned by my classmate and I just borrowed it from her. based on what I read, Positive thinking has a great impact and role in our health.

There are illness that are easy to cure and there are also hopeless illness like cancer. I think, cancer is belong to the top deadly diseases in the world and its hard to cure. Am I right? Positive thinking can also be used to treat such kid of diseases. In the article that I read in the magazine, there is a certain organization studied about the relation and effectiveness of positive thinking of an ill person to his/her health. Based on them, 75 percent of the people who are ill and has a positive thinking that he/she always thinks that he/she want to live longer in the world survived from his/her disease and 22 percent chance of survival for those who don't or accepted that he/she shall die. For me, it is just our destiny to live longer in the world. I think there are missions that given by God to be accomplish by the people who survived and missions are succeed for those who did not survived from diseases.

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