Checking of Test Papers

Posted by Junex On 10:38 PM
Today we've checked some of our test papers such as Mathematics, Science, Filipino and English test papers. I've got a quite good score in these subjects. First in mathematics, I've got 79 out of 80 items and I was very confused because the question that I am mistaken is just an easy one. Owh Gosh! I think I am just a normal person. "Nobody's Perfect". Next is the Science, I've got a not quite bad score but I think I passed it. Third is the Filipino subject. Questions are just easy if I studied a lot of it but other question are complicated. I passed the Filipino test because I got a passing score.^_^. Lastly is the English. Our test papers are not yet finished checking. In addition, my teacher will be the one to continue checking our test papers because It is out of time.

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