Teacher, "The Builder of the Professionals"

Posted by Junex On 10:59 PM

I am a mere student of a school in our town and I'm at the fourth year level. They said that "life of a student is difficult" but for me, it is not quite difficult, a life of a student is challenging and suspense because I learned many things from school which will help me in solving problems and there is many more things that I want to know but what is it? I don't know yet but I will learn it later. In the school, teachers teaches not only the lessons that is found in a book but also teachers teaches us how to build self-confidence, good manners, proper attitude and most of all ten inspire us by their stories that will penetrate to our mere heart which will make us a good, stronger and wise person that will go on to face challenges in life. For me teachers are the best and teachers are said to be "The Builder of the Professionals".

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