Mathematics Class

Posted by Junex On 3:36 AM

In our mathematics class, we spend all of our time in answering and checking our quiz yesterday. Our quiz is all about the Trigonometric Identities.
My mathematics teacher assigned four of my classmates to answer the given equation on the blackboard, each of them has on given equation to prove if it is an identity. I am just watching them and I listened to their explanations about their work on the board. My last classmate who explained his work but it is wrong. My teacher assigned me to help him. I wrote my answer on the board and then I explained it. After it my teacher add some explanations on my work. I like my teacher very much because she cares and wants her students to learn even she will pay lots of time. After all, she recorded our scores. I and some of my classmates got a perfect score then she dismissed the class. We said "Good bye and thank you ma'am"

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