It's just a Bad Dream

Posted by Junex On 11:39 PM
One day, I am at our classroom in Elementary School. I wen back to grade three. We have a classmate that has a mental illness. He became angry to us and I don't know what's the reason why he is angry. he pointed a gun in one of my classmate and he shot him on the head.
Ow Gosh! He killed our classmate. The crying of my classmates became louder and louder while I am unaware of what is happening in front of me. I am shocked of what my classsmate did. Then again, he killed another and until one-by-one. He killed all of my classmates and I am the last one left. He pointed a gun on my head then he pulled the trigger. Woo, I am very lucky because he is our of ammo. He tried to reload but I ran very fast outside and he shot me 3 times but he missed.
I don't have the feeling of being tired at that time. I think it is the only power that we possess; the adrenaline rush. I went to our house but I am shocked again because of what I saw. My killer classmate is in front of our house and he is smiling at me. His smile made me afraid and nervous because his face became a smiling devil. I ran away and I am searching some place to hide but his everywhere until I am cornered but it made me realize that it is just a dream.
I tried to wake up and at last, I succeed. When I wake up, I feel that I am out of the world, my mind is not present and it keeps recalling the happenings in my dream.
Minutes passed, my mind is back and I feel Okay. I said to myself that its just a dream even bad, I must interpret it as positive and meaningful.

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