Our English Presentation

Posted by Junex On 3:57 AM
In our English class, our objective is to present a presentation about the specialization in our school we belong or it's up to us if what specialization we will present. At last, O am the next to present and my nervous is gone because I am ready to present. My presentation is under the computer technology specialization in our school. Let me include my mere script.

"If I could have everybody's attention. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of our computer teacher, I am the one who will introduce to you the best specialization here in our school. By the way, my name is Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr. Today I'd like to tell you some facts about our specialization so that we can guide you in choosing your own specialization. In our major, first you will learn the basics on how to use properly a computer; including the precise body posture, hand position when typing and caring a computer. Second is you will learn about the programs in the computer such as making you own website or even you own blog where you can ear money. You can earn while studying. Next is you will know the functions of the smallest up to the largest part of a computer and how to connect and disconnect this parts and there are many things that I want to tell you but It gonna spend lot of time. Based on my experience as a computer student, If you have those knowledge about computer, you can also learn beyond because it's up to you to search it on the web or simply Google it. We have also our two full burst freezing air conditioners which will comfort you. If you are interested, just come and visit our computer teacher; Ms. Alma Cafe at the computer laboratory.
Do you have any questions? If there's nothing. Thanks you and again Good Morning"

That's my script. Well it's just so simple; no shocking, no highlight. It spend 2-3 minutes. I am happy when I am finish presenting.

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