Guava Leaves; Cure for wounds and diarrhea

Posted by Junex On 4:44 PM

One day in our province, I was walking beside the street. I just bought a two pieces of ball pen which cost 6 pesos each. At that time, I am going back home from the store when I was slipped and got a wound on my knee. The street is very slippery because of the rain. My grandmother was shocked when she saw my wound and she said "Jun, why do you have that wound on your knee? Are you okay?". Whoa, wait, keep calm, its just a small wound" I replied. She told me that I should get some fresh guava leaves outside for a cure for my wound. She told me the steps on what to do.
  1. Get some fresh guava leaves
  2. Wash and Clean the guava leaves
  3. Boil it with water until the water become color "dark green"
  4. After boiling, pour the boiled water into a glass, wait until it is not quite hot.
  5. The pour the water into your wounds, apply it 2-3 times a day until you wound is cured.
I followed these steps. She told my that the boiled water can also be a cure for diarrhea. You just simply drink it. Drink one-two glasses a day until your diarrhea is gone.

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