Earthquake during our Science class

Posted by Junex On 4:52 AM
In our science class, my teacher/adviser is again scolding us and telling us the right way to be a good, responsible and wise person. She is scolding is early in the morning because our room is not yet cleaned. Many of my classmates are doing foolishness like not using properly our CR (Comfort Room) and not caring of it and not maintaining the cleanliness of our classroom. Few of my classmates are responsible enough to be called as a good student. If this good virus will spread to us, I think we will not be scolded by our teacher/adviser. I understand it. She always care for us, I knew it. During that my teacher is talking and scolding in front of us, an earthquake interrupt her.
There is a seconds silenced happened. I think that my classmates are wishing and hoping that the earthquake will stop including me. The earthquake is not quite strong but you can see the shaking of the land. After the earthquake, It made me think that why is it that there are a spontaneous earthquakes happened this year?
I just praying to God that my thought is wrong that the end of the world is near. I wish and hope that I can accomplish my mission here in the world. That's my school experience this day.

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