Country Story - Trophy Cheat

Posted by Junex On 12:21 AM


Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5
2) Firefox
3) Flash Player 9 (IE and non-IE)

This Trophy Cheat Cheat enables to to complete your trophy collections sooner with just 3 clicks.

1) Do an action such as watering or ploughing to increase your experience to +1
2) Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose as process: FireFox.exe or Iexplorer
3) Tick HEX, Choose 8 bytes, (Also Scan Read Only Memory)
4) Scan F685DC758B104389 for Flash 9
5) Disassemble the memory address
5) Look for this instruction : mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
6) Select it and go to Tools > Auto assemble
7) Template > Code injection > OK
8) Add this code in the middle

mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov [ecx+10],186a0
mov edx,[ecx+10]

9) Do the appropriate action to get the required trophy

10) With just 3 clicks you be able to level up all your trophies to Level 3

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