My Essay About The Islam

Posted by Junex On 6:11 PM
When I search It on the Web, I learned something about Islam such as Their Five Pillars of Faith
  1. The recital Shadahah the there is only one God
  2. Mohammed is his prophet
  3. Praying 5 times a day
  4. Giving of alms to the poor
  5. Pilgrimage in Mecca
I think this Five Pillars of Faith is like the Ten Commandments in Catholic. I learned that Ramadan is their fasting month where they refrain from eating, smoking, drinking or even refrain from making sins from dawn until sunset. As what I learned that this the time that they are asking for forgiveness of their sins. For me, Muslims are very religious. Muslims believe in their God (Allah). I learned also that Muslims pray 5 times a day and the calendar of Islamic is depending on the Moon. My Classmate said that the Qur'an of the Muslims are the continuation of the Holy Bible of the Catholic. I think that there are connections of all the Religion in the world.

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