Superstitious Beliefs

Posted by Junex On 4:38 PM
Yesterday night, I and my younger brother was talking about the Naruto Shippuden episode 141 and 142. We are a great fans of this anime. I am sharing to him what I saw when I am watching this Naruto Shippuden Episodes while I am cutting my nails on my feet. My Grandmother interupted us and she said "Jun, stop cutting your nails during night time because it is bad". I stopped cutting my nails for just paying respect to my Grandmother's superstitious belief. My Grandmother shared to us many superstitious beliefs that she believed such as "Not telling riddles during night time because the bad spirit around you will said "I will predict, I will predict, You will die tomorrow", Stop combing your hair and stop sweeping during night time because it is a bad luck and there is many more she wants to tell to us but its almost 8:30 pm; our sleeping time. Thanks to my grandmother. I learned some superstitious beliefs from her and I applied it in my daily life.

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