How to Add Shout Box in a Blog

Posted by Junex On 2:50 AM
Because of my curiosity, I figured it out how to add a shoutbox in my blog. For those who did not know yet, I'll teach you. Just follow these steps.
  1. Go to the URL
  2. Click the "Create Shoutbox". Then a registration for will appear. Fill up the fields correctly.
  3. If you already registered. A new web page will appear, then click the "Gets Codes" at the Quick Start.

  4. Then the "generated codes" will appear. Just select it all then Copy or Ctl+C. You can also adjust the size of your shoutbox. Hint: If you want to adjust the size. Adjust first the size then copy the code.

  5. Then go to the "Customize" then at the Layout where you can add a gadgets into your blog.

  6. Click "Add a Gadget" then choose the HTML/JavaScript at the basics.

  7. Then Its up to you if what you want to be the title of your shoutbox then paste the code at the content then save.

I hope that my post helped you. Now.... Shout!!!!

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