We people are active individuals. Day in and Day out, our lives are full of many activities. We do some activities even while sleeping, we make actions through what we call "dreams". This is true because dreaming is also a activity, a mental activity. It is both mental and biological in nature. The things happened to us in a day to us in a day were saved or existing in our mind and when we sleep, those memories are reactivated by dreams.
Did you know that there are two states of sleep? Many distinguished psychologists discovered the biology of dreaming in the '50s.

The first one is called NREM-sleep (Nonrapid eye movement sleep) or the S-sleep (Synchronize-sleep). When we are under this state, there are no dreaming episodes. It is associated with love pulse and blood pressure and normal regulated activity of the nervous system.
The second one is the D-sleep (Dreaming or desynchronized sleep) or REM-sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). This state is characterized by and activation of the automatic nervous system, rapid eye movement, and lots of dreams. It proves that sleep is an active process.

You or even me are afraid when we dream because sometimes it is a bad dreams but they said that nothing to worry about becuase it is just an ordinary activity of the brain.
Did you know that some writers and researchers get their inspirations in writing their masterpiece through their dreams? Yeah It is true. Cartoon characters are also taken from dreams of the cartoonists.

For me dreaming is a mysterious act and an outlet of pent-up emotions. It interpreted my dreams as something meaningful and positive.
What is your interpretations of your dreams, share it to me.

Reference: "Dreams for All" by Debbie Ann Tan

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