A School Guard Lesson

Posted by Junex On 11:43 PM

I'd like to share my experience today at the school. I went to school at 6:42 am with a big smile on my face. Today is a non-uniform day or simply the freestyle day. Many of my classmates are wearing their own style of outfits. When i went inside the my classroom, I saw many of my classmates who are talking to each other. This is the daily routines the me and my classmates used to do like making some noise, playing and listening musics, talking with their bf/gf and talking about something. The bell rings, "Okay lets go to the flag pole area for the flag ceremony" my classmate said. He is our classroom president. That time I made a big mistake because I and three of my classmates went outside the campus during the flag ceremony and that time, I was very shy and got angry at myself because we were scolded in front of many students by the school guard. he did not permitted us to go out. Thanks for the scold of the school guard, I learned something. His scold is Okay for me because I believe that "Having Pain is the way of growing up". That is what I'm thinking at that time. I was very happy that I learned something even from a school guard.

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