Tomorrow is another day

Posted by Junex On 3:45 AM

Today is the day that I and my classmates will have a presentation regarding there specializations to promote it in our English class. The venue is in our ICT Learning Center in our school. Our English teacher is one of the audience and the one who will be the judge. She called one by one, each one has a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes to present. Many of my classmates are memorizing their scripts, nervous and tensed, others are laughing. I am quite nervous that time but all of my nervous was gone when my teacher dismissed the class because it is already a dismissal time in our school (11:30 am).
We will continue our presentation tomorrow, I and my other classmates are lucky and had given more time to memorized and practice. "Practice makes perfect, but then again nobody's perfect, so why practice". I heard that comedy saying from a comedy film. I am ready to present tomorrow because I already memorized my script.

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