What is Identity?
Identity - is a kind of noun.
  1. The sameness of individuals share to make up the same kind or universal.
  2. The difference or character that marks off an individuals from the rest of the same kind.
  3. A name or persona - the mask or appearance one presents to the world -by which one is known.
  4. Knowledge of who one is. 

    Who am I?

    Many of children passed away because of illness year by year. They did not experience the life here in mother earth. Few of them survived and luckily I am one of the survivors. My Father told me that when I am just a baby, I have many illness that time. He said that I spend my first birthday in the hospital. I am lucky of what I am now and hoping that I can live longer here in the world. I am one of the son of Edgar Eufemio Regidor Sr and Linda Regidor. By the way, my name is Edgar Eufemio Regidor Jr. i am sixteen(16) years of old and I was born in Recodo, Zamboanga City, Philippines on October 22,1993. i studied my preschool and kindergarten in Zamboanga City and I continued my studies in Lupon, Davao Oriental, Philippines until now. I am now at forth year level in Lupon Vocational High School (LVHS).
    At present time, I am living with my family in Osmeña Street Poblacion Lupon, Davao Oriental. I am a silent type guy. I guess that's truly I am. I values the most in life are my family, teachers, and my education. My family because they are my inspiration of my life to do good things. My life is my debt from them. Next is my teachers because I learned a lot from them and I am inspire from their inspirational words that they said to me. They molded my to become the strong, good and wise individual. Last is my education because my future is dependent on my education. I what to become a successful one someday that's why I have to go to school to experience and to learn more than what I have.

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    1. Alma Cafe Said,'> January 26, 2010 at 7:02 PM

      good to know some revelations about you.


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