Don't Lose Hope

Posted by Junex On 10:26 PM

I am a guy that is very dependent to electricity. Day by day is I used to watch television and specially I used to play online games on the computer and I also surf and update my own blog. Let me share my experience to you.

One day, I wake up early in the morning, I was very disappointed because that day there is no electricity power. I could not play online games or even watch my favorite tv programs.
My Grandmother called me and said "Jun, have some breakfast" and I replied "Okay Grandma". I ate fast and got ready to bathe. I hope that after my bathe or after a minute or after an hour, the electricity power will come back but many hours passed, nothings happened. My grandmother told me that I should hang up with my friends but I told her "No, Grandma. I'm watching my favorite television programs today! Remember? My favorite Tv show is on" and she replied "Come on Jun, the electricity isn't back yet. There is still a brownout". "Sorry Grandma, but I dont like" I replied. After eating I washed the dishes and glass that I used because my Grandmother told me that "Cleanliness must always be observed to avoid getting sick". I ran uptairs and went to the bed and enjoy reading some books. I don't know that I fall asleep. Many hours passed. When I woke up, electricity is back but It is already 4:00 pm, I missed my favorite tv show but Its okay because I can now play online games . I went to the Internet Cafe at that time, I was very happy and I said "At last, I can now play, Yahooo!!!"
That time I realize that I should not lose hope, thanks for the electricity I realized it.

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  1.'> January 12, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    luoy pud...............palaw!!!!!!!jejejejejeje.......peace........................


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